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RAF Brize Norton Has a New Rainbow Crossing Design

RAF Brize Norton Has a New Rainbow Crossing Design

rainbow crossing design

In a location that was once one of Philadelphia’s most active red light districts, a rainbow crossing has appeared on the street. A thermoplastic street marking specialist, Traffic & Safety Signs of Kennett Square (near Philadelphia), was hired to create the colorful crosswalk. The company’s other work mainly includes 25-mph legends and 6-inch lane lines. Read more

Rainbow crossings usually display a sequence of white stripes that contrast with the color of the road surface and make it obvious that pedestrians have priority at this spot. The RAF Brize Norton version, which appears near the main entrance to the station, is the first such crossing present on a military establishment in the UK.

From Concept to Pavement: The Creative Process of Rainbow Crossing Design

The colouring of the crossings is based on the ‘Progress Pride’ flag that was recently updated in recognition of the increased representation of black and trans people in the movement. The new design features a chevron of black and brown stripes to represent people of colour and blue, pink and white for trans people.

The chevron also uses the colors of the rainbow flag to symbolize HIV/AIDS activism and support those who have died from the disease. The crossings, like other LGBTQIA+-themed landmarks around the world, have become popular in support of the community and have been subject to regular attacks from people who oppose their presence. For example, a rainbow-striped pedestrian crossing decorated Taylor Square in Sydney’s Darlinghurst district for a short time during the 2013 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

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