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No Cure No Pay Direct Debit

No Cure No Pay Direct Debit

No Cure No Pay incasso debit allows you to make regular payments automatically from your bank account. This saves you time, money on postage and helps prevent late payments.

Tensions between drug manufacturers and health authorities over drug marketing have intensified in recent decades. Health authorities want rational pharmacotherapy and drug companies need to sell their drugs at the lowest possible price. The no cure no pay strategy could be a solution – provided it is properly implemented and supported by clear practical and ethical guidelines.

Direct Debit Delight: How No Cure No Pay Reshapes Payment Recovery

With this payment method, you give your approval for a specified amount to be paid directly from your bank account to the business that owes you money each month. Once the payment has been taken from your bank account, the balance on the invoice is reduced accordingly. This means you don’t have to remember when the next payment is due or write and post cheques, which increases the security of your payment information.

The direct debit process is based on the international standard Lloyd’s Open Form of Salvage Contract, which was originally standardized in 1908. The most recent version is LOF 2011, and ISU promotes its use.

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