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Italian Social Media Services

Italian Social Media Services

Italian Social Media Services

The landscape of Social Italiani is a lot like that of the UK, however there are some subtle differences to take into account when developing an optimal strategy. On average, Italians log on to their favourite social media platforms for over two hours per day and the platform that most people spend time on is Facebook, with search engines coming in second.

In contrast to this, Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity in the country thanks to its ability to showcase brands at their most beautiful. Its user base also includes a significant amount of young people who can be a lucrative market for any photogenic brand. Meanwhile, the more professional platform LinkedIn continues to see steady growth in the country with around 16 million users.

Harnessing the Power of Italian Social Media Services for Business Growth

TikTok, a newcomer to the scene that combines the popularity of video with the dynamism of gaming, is making waves in Italy too with 23% of the population currently using the platform. With the likes of Linkiesta, one of the first digital-born Italian news outlets to launch in 2011, now transforming into an array of projects with sister publications and live events, Italians are keen on keeping abreast of breaking stories, especially those that affect them personally.

Having a well-developed, targeted, and diversified social media strategy is an excellent way to reach your target audience. In fact, according to a recent report by ECCO, over 20% of Communication professionals think that monitoring web reputation will become an important part of their job shortly.

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