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Buying Used EV Cars

Buying Used EV Cars

used ev cars

The upfront cost of buying a new used ev car can be prohibitive, so it makes sense to shop for used models. With most EVs offering eight-year/100,000-mile battery warranties, these vehicles offer peace of mind for pre-owned buyers. Additionally, EVs have 90% fewer moving parts than gas-powered cars, making their maintenance costs significantly lower.

As a result, EVs require fewer fluid changes and experience less brake wear from regenerative braking. With that said, it’s important to have a professional inspect an EV before you purchase. An expert can help you understand the vehicle’s history and provide details on past inspections, repairs and accidents.

Locating Your Ideal Ride: Used Electric Cars for Sale Near Me

When shopping for a used EV, it’s critical to research the original range before you see the vehicle in person. Then, ask the seller to fully charge the battery before you take it for a test drive. Be sure to check the vehicle’s display for a readout of its current maximum range. During your test drive, pay close attention to how fast the battery drains during sustained cruising at highway speeds.

EVs with lithium-ion batteries lose 2% of their capacity each year. But, according to manufacturers, this decline is normal and shouldn’t cause any concern for the average driver. For those who regularly commute to work and run errands, an EV with a slightly degraded battery could still meet most needs. However, those who plan on taking frequent road trips may need to consider a more premium option with more range.

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