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Buyers Agents Melbourne

Buyers Agents Melbourne

Buyers Agents Melbourne

Buyers Agents Melbourne  is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Having a buyer’s agent on your side can help you secure the right property for your needs at the best possible price.

Buyers Agents Melbourne

Whether you are looking for an investment property or wanting to buy your first home, a buyer’s advocate can save you time and money. They can assist with researching your desired suburb and location, compiling a shortlist of properties for you to inspect, arrange building and pest inspections and engineering reports, and negotiate with real estate agents on your behalf.

Melbourne Real Estate Mastery: The Value of Buyers Agents

The team at Elite Buyer Agents is led by Bayside local and real estate veteran Kim Easterbrook and her husband David. They offer a full range of residential and investment property acquisition services, with packages tailored for SMSF investors and first-time buyers. They service all of metro Melbourne and regional hotspots including Geelong and Ballarat. Their fee structure can be fixed or percentage-based and depends on the scope of the work.

A buyers agent is your “secret weapon” in the real estate market. They have years of personal relationships with the best local real estate agents and often have access to off-market properties that aren’t advertised to the general public. This gives them a significant advantage over you, the buyer, when it comes to securing a property in a highly competitive market.

Nuno Raimundo and Kelly Eyes of WoledgeHatt Buyers Agents are well known in the inner north and are top negotiators committed to high-level customer service. Their fee structure is a combination of an engagement fee and a success fee, which is typically a percentage of the purchase price.

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